Communication and File Sharing Through Digital Tools
Assigning of Tasks and Targets in Trello Configured for Agile Scrum Development

Technical Co-ordination

We have been working remotely from all parts of the country and so we have had to rely on several different communication and organisation methods in order to operate as efficiently as possible over a large distance. Apart from traditional one to one phone calls to specific team members, we also made use of Skype, Trello, Bitbucket, Dropbox and our own forum.

We used Skype to make conference calls so that multiple team members could discuss tasks at the same time. This was particularly useful when discussing topics such as progression as I was able to speak with the lead narrative designer and lead level designer at the same time to go over there requirements and compile a list of appropriate programming tasks to support their needs.

Trello was used primarily by our producer to manage agile scrum development for the whole team, however I used to it specifically to manage my own to-do list, set tasks and targets for our other programmer and also for bug reports as all the information is synchronised for all users almost instantly.

We used Dropbox to keep a live copy of our project files. Whenever I produced a new build, or updated scripts or packages I would place it on Dropbox so that all the team members had access to it. This also allowed other team members such as our artists to put their work into a centralised location for me to access and get there latest content into the game.

It was my job to compile all the work done by the team into working builds of the game. This would often involve sending work back for modification to ensure compatibility as well providing advice on the best practices beforehand.