Team Commando Kiwi with Mentor Mike Gamble of Epic Games at our first Meeting
My Team Commando Kiwi, Winners of Make Something Unreal Live 2012

Lead Programmer for Commando Kiwi

I was given the lead role by our producer because he was immediately impressed with my passion, commitment and communication skills. It has been my responsibility to manage our programing tasks and targets, monitor our progress, and also to identify any potential problems and deal with them quickly to ensure we were able to remain on target. I frequently communicated with our other team members, providing technical co-ordination and when necessary technical support for the development kit.

One of my other roles was managing expectations. Our designers had a lot of really impressive ideas but it was also very important to ensure that these ideas could be implemented to the correct standard in the very short period of time we had available for development. I quite often found myself providing simplified or alternate versions of an idea that would make it possible rather than dismissing the idea entirely.