It all started at the age of 5 playing floppy disk games on my MSDOS PC
When I became a teenager I started making programs using Darkbasic
In December 2009 I enrolled on the Train 2 Game Developer Course and learned C++
In 2011 I competed as a member of the A Team at the T2G Game Jam and Won
In April 2012 my team Commando Kiwi won the Make Something Unreal Competition

About Me

My favourite Activities are video games, films, listening to music, bike riding and swimming. I enjoy a lot of my free time with my girlfriend Harley who has been very patient and supportive on my journey to become a game developer. I am currently a full time Web Developer at a Plumbers Merchant but I also manage all of their IT systems and occasionally help on the sales side too. Because of my job I currently do all of my game development work in my spare time. I'm friendly and talkative, I love meeting new people and I look forward to the day I can say to people look at this game, I made this.

I have A levels in Computing, Maths, Physics and Media Studies and I am currently on a Train 2 Game Developer Course. I am a confident communicator and have no trouble speaking my mind.

Me presenting at the Gadget Show Live 2012 about the technical challenges of making an iOS game in front of the Make Something Unreal stand crowd and industry gurus Jon Hare, Ian Baverstock and Jo Twist.

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Why be A Game Developer ?

As I have grown older I have played games that I have really connected with, that have left me with vivid memories of experiences from the game and really amped up my passion for them. The first programming language I learned was Darkbasic and this helped to launch me into the world of programming. I soon realised that in my eyes games are the ultimate form of art. Some people have a passion for music, some for film, and some for graphics, but video games combine all of these elements into one format and interact with you on a unique level. It was then that I realised I had to be a game developer.