Complete Control System for a Plane Game Made in Kismet Visual Programming
Combining Code Events and Visual Programming to Create More Interactive Objects
Front End Menu System Generated and Controlled in Kismet Visual Programming

Visual Programming

I have become experienced in visual programming and in particular unreal kismet, which is provided as part of the Unreal Development Kit.

Prior to the completion of the games design stage, I spent my time doing tutorials for the unreal engine in order to enhance my programming skills. One of these tutorials involved a plane based flying shooter game for the iOS. The tutorial produces a plane game, which is completely programmed in kismet, where the plane is controlled by tilt sensors. I took the whole tilt control system out and reprogrammed the game to be controlled with a single thumb stick. This offered quite a compelling alternate control option and also gave me a chance to practice in depth visual programming and write a system for a game using kismet nodes rather than code.

Some parts of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain are done in kismet. These include music, some intractable objects, cutscene control and the front end. These elements were done in visual programming so that they can be tweaked by the designers as required without the need for direct programmer support.

the Plane game

My version of the Plane Game controlled using a thumb stick instead of by tilting the device.