Using Kdiff3 to Merge Work From Multiple People Into One Master File
Commiting Code to the Repository Ready to Merge With Other Work
Using Tortoise HG Workbench to Download the Latest Code Changes and Update

Version Control

During the development process of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain I learned and used version control. We used Tortoise HG with Mercurial as it was a powerful and free solution. It was important for us to use version control as it meant both me and our other programmer could work on the same files at the same time and subsequently merge these files into a new master file that contained the work we had both done. Occasionally we changed the same lines of code and a manual merge was required. This was facilitated in Tortoise HG via a tool called KDiff 3 and I was able to use this to manually choose which file to take these conflicting lines from to build a working merged file.

A key advantage of using version control was that if new work caused bugs with features that were already implemented I was able to use the toolset to view the differences between the new version with bugs and the previous version with a working feature. This enabled me to solve these issues quickly. Now that I am experienced at using version control I am able to easily work with a team of multiple programmers.