Highview Camera Used for Exploration. Tracks the Players Movement and Rotation
Battleview Camera Used for Combat. All Camera Properties Changable Within the Editor
Experimenting With the Currently Unused Sideview and Camera Transitions

Game Cameras

I decided that the camera was the single most important thing when making the game as it controls what the player sees, the feel of the game and more importantly without it you wouldn’t  see the game at all.

The designers requested two completely separate camera modes, a high up one that followed at a fixed angle for exploration and a more up close over the shoulder one that is fixed for battle scenes. This was built but I was challenged by the transition from one camera the next as an instant flick to a new camera perspective just felt messy and unpolished. To counter this I implemented an interpolation between the cameras old position and new position so that the camera actually appeared to be animated almost like a cutscene. I also implemented a fade system to gently fade to black, then switch the camera, then fade back into the new camera view. This was the method we chose to implement in the end as it hides some of the battle preparation that became necessary later in development and the same technique has been used for going through doors into new rooms to create a better feeling of continuity.

It didn't take long for our producer to determine the isometric style camera with a fixed angle for exploration didn’t feel right. To correct this I reprogrammed the camera to follow behind the player and track their rotation. This meant that the camera was kept high to allow easy exploration and was looking in whatever direction the player character was. This made the game feel much more 3 dimensional and easier to navigate.

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