My Team Commando Kiwi, Winners of Make Something Unreal Live 2012
In 2011 I competed as a member of the A Team at the T2G Game Jam and Won
I Won a Graphics Card for my Beta Cloth Physics Demo in the PhysX Competition 2008

Personal Statement

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated person and my goal is to progress as far as I can into the games industry so that ultimately I can provide my skills and passion to take the experience of gaming to the next level.

Being the Lead Programmer of Commando Kiwi Studios I have worked as part of a team co-ordinating our other programmer's tasks and targets and communicating with the team to produce a quality game for the iOS. I have had to overcome the challenges of working remotely online with a team based all over the country, learning a new engine and programming language in a short space of time and balancing a separate full time job with my games development schedule. My team Commando Kiwi are the proud winners of Make Something Unreal Live 2012 and will soon have our game The Warlock of Firetop Mountain : Lost Chapter published on the App Store.

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Current Project - Lost Chapters

Currently I am working as Lead Programmer on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain : Lost Chapters a 3rd Person Action Adventure Game with role playing elements. The game is designed for iOS and we are aiming to get it compatible with the original ipad and all newer devices.